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Transforming All Siloed Airlines Data Into Dynamic Reports
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Helping Airlines Improve Operational Performance and Efficiency

Airlines today are facing mounting challenges in their operational profitability due to global competition, increasing customer expectations, and shifting economic landscape. The breadth and the depth of the data created by the airlines is enormous, yet glamorous for the data scientists. Obase Airline OPS solution is built by unlocking the knowledge in the data and making it available to the decision makers – empowering airlines to improve their efficiency, control costs, and manage change.

Key Benefits

Real Time Dynamic Reports

Faster Decision Making

Situational Awareness on KPIs

Enables Quicker Analysis

Improved Efficiency

Better Control on Costs

Business Outcomes

0.91% PLF increase provide $10.5M+ Profit

The model is delivering an 80+% PLF – above the industry standards

20% reduction in the forecast errors

59% of the flight based forecasts are reported to be within the 0-10% error slot.

Day-ahead perfection in prediction: 336 days

With Obase Airline OPS solution, the data  gathered from distributed silos are transformed into an airline-specific BI data model. Users are able to access the dynamic reports from mobile devices, viewing the real time unique version of the truth, able to make faster analysis and prompt decisions. The flights are tracked 24/7 on mobile devices, creating situational awareness on KPIs such as On-Time Departures & Arrivals, Traffic & Delays and PLF.

Don’t just take our word for it..

Obase has an ability to deliver complex solutions and a strong team

Obase, one of MicroStrategy's business partners with experience, ability to deliver complex solutions and a strong team, played a crucial role in our success in Turkey. Maintaining, strengthening and expanding our loyal customer profile over the years will be our first priority.

Darrly Owen │ Vice President & GM, MEA MicroStrategy