Improve the bottom-line through airline digital transformation

This is an era of commoditized flight based on cost + availability

You need to make a direct impact on the bottomline.

Airlines businesses face the challenges of dealing with market volatility and fierce competition.

Data silos simply don't work - they need to embrace the fully integrated solutions.

Relying heavily on past-trend data for future planning can be counterproductive.

It's crucial to tie past trends to real-time insights for trustworthy business intelligence.

Airlines have always collected enormous amounts of data relating to their operations, routes and passengers. Given the fast-changing nature of the airline industry, tying past trends to real-time insights provides trustworthy business intelligence that enables an airline to plan efficiently and respond accurately and easily to emerging circumstances. Obase Airlines Solutions are designed to help airlines do just that.

Our Airlines Solutions

Improve this KPI to not only better manage the flight capacity, but also to better the plans and costs of many other complementary functions.

Enabling faster analysis and prompt decisions through transformation of the data gathered from distributed silos into an airline-specific BI data model with real time dynamic reports.

Don’t just take our word for it..

Obase has an ability to deliver complex solutions and a strong team

Obase, one of MicroStrategy's business partners with experience, ability to deliver complex solutions and a strong team, played a crucial role in our success in Turkey. Maintaining, strengthening and expanding our loyal customer profile over the years will be our first priority.
Darrly Owen │ Vice President & GM, MEA